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Easypack was born from the experience of Christian Cevoli and Krystian Morcioni

We were born and raised in the Packaging Valley between Bologna and Rimini. At some point we realized that we could create machines able to solve the space issues of many companies.

Christian Cevoli

Christian Cevoli

My passion for the food packaging’s world was born in my childhood when my grandfather Alberto took me with his Bianchi bicycle to the mill behind our house to grind the flour that he produced in his field.
The grinding’s smell and the noise made by the machines that worked the wheat have accompanied me for many years, so much that after graduating as an electronic technician I immediately started working in the milling’s world and later in the packaging’s one.

Over the last 20 years I’ve gained a lot of experience working as a designer of automatic machines and systems for dosing, weighing and bagging and collaborating with the major companies in the Santarcangelo di Romagna district. Luckily I had the chance to travel the world and help several customers during the setting-up and start-up phases of designed solutions’ production.

Krystian Morcioni

Krystian Morcioni

I’m an industrial expert and my passion for the world of machines and automation began 5 years ago. From the very beginning of my career, the packaging field has always fascinated me for how much technique and innovation were hidden behind the simplicity of a paper bag filled with simple flour.
I grew up in the flourishing Emilia-Romagna Packaging Valley where I fall in love with the food packaging process.

My natural predisposition for technology and innovation, combined with my love for food, led me to want to leave a mark in this field, trying to revolutionize the canonical concepts of packaging machines. This is how Easypack was born: the result of passion and love for the worlds of packaging and food.

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